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Skуriver GPS App

Privacy Policy Privacy

  • The installed “Skyriver GPS” app transmits the location and status of the smartphone, captured photos and videos via the Skyriver GPS App menu only to Skyriver GPS servers to display the location and status on the Skyriver GPS sitemap. At the same time, the IMEI of the owner of the mobile device must be registered on the Skyriver GPS website for secure authorization when connecting to the Skyriver GPS server and when transferring data to the Skyriver GPS server.
  • Access to the Skyriver GPS website is protected by a unique username and password, which are transmitted using ssl encryption, in addition, authentication via email messages can be activated, and lists of “white” allowed IP addresses are limited.
  • Skyriver GPS does not transfer any data to third parties, except for the express permission expressed by setting the appropriate settings in your personal account on the Skyriver GPS website. By default, the settings prohibit the transfer of data to third parties.
  • If there is no IMEI number in the Skyriver GPS system, the following information will be requested to identify the subsequent user in the system: organization name, full name, phone number.
  • Location data storage period is in accordance with the selected Skyriver GPS tariff plan.

Permissions used

  • Geodata (ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION and ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION) to ensure the main functionality of the application: location.
  • Using phone calls (READ_PHONE_STATE \ READ_PHONE_NUMBERS) – Only in Android version 9 and below. To get the IMEI of the phone. IMEI is used as an identifier, which is necessary to identify the received data to display the location of the phone on the Skyriver GPS sitemap. Why IMEI? Because “Skyriver GPS” is created on the principle of hardware trackers, and they use exactly IMEI. Therefore, for ease of understanding and use, IMEI is also used as an identifier in the application. IMEI is unique.
    Starting with Android 10, the application ID is used instead of the IMEI.
  • Photo & video recording (take pictures and videos) – for the possibility of creating photos / videos through the menu of the Skyriver GPS application and then saving them in the memory of the mobile device. 
  • Access to audio (record audio) – to be able to record sound while creating videos through menu of the Skyriver GPS application and subsequent saving in the memory of the mobile device. 
  • Stop battery optimization – for the application to work correctly in the background.

All data from the device is transmitted using a secure protocol in accordance with