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The company “Skyriver” works for the fact that the control of the personnel was not only effective, but also economical. The smartphone has long ceased to be a usual means of communication, having turned, in the modern world also into a convenient mobile device with many functions. One of these functions is the built-in GPS-receiver, which allows you to monitor the location of the employee “in the field”.


Modern technologies allowed programmatically to minimize the error of operation of the hardware of the smartphone, as a result of which, the program “Skyriver GPS” became a worthy competitor of any stand-alone device with a similar development goal. Also great advantage is always the convenience of use and the possibility of remote configuration.

The image below shows an example of how Skyriver GPS Tricker works with a car tracker. Blue marked the fixed route of the car tracker, green – the program “Skyriver GPS Tracker”:


Also, for convenience in use, a special widget has been developed that makes the use of the program as convenient and understandable as it is enough to use only one button for full-time work!


For visual control, the widget displays the amount of unloaded accumulated information and the current kilometer, and when the work is completed, an additional window with information about the inclusion of the program, its exclusions and total mileage is displayed.