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Solutions for mobile devices Skyriver

SkyriverMobileSolutionsThis section provides solutions designed for mobile platforms Android and iOS::

There are 4 types Skyriver program modules, the functionality of which can meet the needs of customers from a completely different business areas:

Skyriver Control – monitoring of objects on a mobile device with the possibility of construction of transportation routes, as well as various reports

Skyriver Tracker – an analogue of the personal GPS tracker with advanced features

Skyriver Agent – photo-reports, surveys, merchandising, pricing analysis, search for new TP and goods

Skyriver Mobile trading (MT)  – the gathering of orders, integration with 1C, debts, returns, balances on stock

Branches of applications:

Delivery services:

  • GPS tracking
  • Planning the best route (the route is displayed on the phone)
  • Time control visits / rejection


  • Photo reports
  • The control sticker ads
  • Control distribution of promotional materials in real time


  • Photo reports
  • Control of residues / facings
  • Gathering surveys
  • Analysis of competitors’ prices
  • The search for new products / TP


  • Gathering orders with automatic integration with the accounting system 1C
  • Sales history
  • Control of residues / debts
  • Printing / scanning from mobile devices

Insurance companies:

  • Georeferenced photos from the accident scene

Collector companies:

  • Scheduling work of collectors
  • Gathering of information on job status
  • Control of employee time


  • Georeferenced photos

Service companies:

  • Planning and control of task execution by service engineers
  • Ordering spare parts online

Banking sector:

  • Features of alarm button
  • Planning for work credit couriers
  • Photo reports (passport, IC code)
  • Using secure VPN Data Channel


  • GPS tracking
  • Integration with the dispatcher program
  • Fixing the status (free / busy, etc.)

Housing and communal services:

  • Gathering information from counters
  • Photo reports


  • Monitoring visits to patients by medical staff
  • Ordering medications
  • Scan and send issued certificates

Care of the elderly:

  • GPS tracking
  • Function of alarm button

Android GPSAndroid Control

Android Agent2Android Agent