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Currently, it is a very urgent problem of control of staff for many companies. Unfortunately, not all employees are conscientious and may even cause harm to the employer. We can help you protect you and your company from such situations.

First of all, consider the cases that you may be faced or unfortunately have already been met to some extent.

  • Arbitrary using of time. It is can often be found a deviation from the working schedule during the day while working with mobile staff. After all, the employer does not see the actual working time. This knowledge would greatly help to plan the work effectively and fairly evaluate it.
  • Theft. It’s unpleasant, but it happens all the time. The driver can either call on the way anywhere and drop materials, and after the write it off or drain the fuel for personal purposes.
  • Cheat mileage. At the end of the workday you can watch the picture of the large path, but whether it will be an indicator of productive work? Quite possibly that an employee chose the longest route to reduce the amount of work for yourself deliberately.
  • The using of company resources for personal purposes. It is often the company gives card of the filling station covering the costs of fuel, where payment takes place by bank transfer when employees work on private cars. In this case the employer can not be sure that the officer uses a fuel for business purposes, and even it is possible the fact of use of the card by third-party people (friends, relatives).


«There is a way!» or Skyriver delivers a helping hand

You can control the workflow remotely, even from your mobile phone’s screen.  You can find:

1. when the employee started working day and when he went home earlier than it required – the monitoring system works in real time with the storage on server data;

2. how many working hours the employee “walked” for personal gain – this feature is available thanks to the special external button connected to the device on the car, the press of which fixes working moments (generated report displays the mileage and time on / off button);

3. to check the fact of the visit – whether the agent was at point of trade set at plan for him in fact? Or did he visit it not according to plan? Is it possible agents altogether swapped tasks with each other? Answers to all these questions you can find out just by looking at the map;

Image 5

4. verify the actual route of employee for optimal one- you can easily check whether all the kilometers traveled by worker (including check-in, or outlets, are placed in the employee plan) were necessary and use the most appropriate one in future;

5. to check the provided the driver data of the run – it is possible to verify data with the actual system with the possibility for easy import quickly with the help of a special module test runs;

6. to check and reimburse the actual cost of travel in the case of using the public transport of employee;

7. to check whether the fuel paid by the company is used actually to working moments – all major gas stations are included in the database, so to check the fact of visiting the necessary personnel in certain gas stations will not be difficult;

Image 3

8. You can obtain the necessary information with reference to the necessary place with the help of easy integration – that is making the picture a certain point of trade it is displayed in the system with the signature, address and location on the map;

Image 4

And much more. Your capabilities don’t end at this, but only expand with the development progress.

What do you get by using the GPS monitoring system

Labor productivity increased significantly at the companies that have begun to use this system according to statistics. Company can afford to spend as much resources as necessary with the help of cost accounting. The discipline, control and planning of working time in addition.