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This section presents some of our innovative solutions which we have implemented for our customers:The analysis of runs Control PLAN/FACT Optimal routes Special projects. Company LLC Skyriver is characterized by creative approach in solving non-standard tasks.

For example, it is implemented the next items for control transport of the enterprise:

  • module of revise for data route list with data GPS system
  • driver identification using office proximity card
  • development of safe special design with built-in GPS tracker for safe transportation
  • locking engine operation to no more speed than X km / h to avoid an accident
  • the control the fuel level in the non-standard tanks
  • special solution for the control of parallel driving agricultural machinery
  • the using of high-precision temperature sensors for the safe transport of pharmaceuticals
  • the using of encryption corresponding to the requirements of bank security
  • special solutions for the taxi companies and companies engaged in passenger transportation
  • route planning
  • solution for agricultural enterprises
  • and much more

It is implemented the next items for monitoring the work of field staff (using for Android mobile phone application):

  • solutions for banks couriers who travel to the homes of customers for the provision of lending services. Objectives: getting tasks on visiting, identification, scan the passport, a mark on the completed work
  • solution for couriers distributing correspondence: receiving tasks to visit, Control / Accounting handed out products, control the location and time operation
  • merchandising: price monitoring, laying on the shelves, facings, photofixation
  • mobile trade: gathering of orders, control debt, integration with 1C
  • planning the visits by merchandisers specific of retail outlets followed getting reports on the fact : group, territorial, individual
  • control of the driver`s work on private car (input data on mileage at the beginning / end of the day, receiving tasks)
  • and much more

The company LLC Skyriver is ready for any assigned tasks. Availability of own development staff allows to perform the work on time and quality. While you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost.