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Equipment for the GPS monitoring, developed by Skyriver is presented in this section:

Skyriver NEO – is functional in a variety of designs.

Skyriver EVO – has 2 sim cards, secure housing.

Additional equipment

fits to the following requirements:

  • reliability and stability of operation
  • reasonable price
  • vandal resistant execution
  • the ability to self diagnostic
  • the availability of a powerful power supply unit(PSU)
  • the availability of the memory card
  • the ability to connect different types of sensors: frequency, analog, digital (rs-232, rs-485), logical
  • the availability of 2-SIM cards
  • possibility to use as a stand-alone bookmark (the work of the integrated battery 1 year or more)
  • built-in “smart” filters (filtering of false alarms)
  • handy setting (for GPRS, SMS)
  • smart roaming is (programming operators with favorable tariffs)
  • built-in battery
  • data encryption
  • timely rework of software functionality
  • control driving accuracy

It applies additional equipment that is connected to the main one by the interface connectors for further transmission to the data collection server as addition to the basic equipment GPS trackers for various tasks related to the control – flow / fuel level, temperature in the refrigerator, opening / closing of containers, identify the drivers or attachments.

The company LLC Skyriver provides a full range of services for the development, production, testing, installation of GPS devices and additional equipment. It has a staff of dispatchers and technical support engineers.