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Fuel control

This section presents methods for monitoring and accounting fuel both for vehicles and stationary fuel stations with the help of additional equipment, as well as software modules:

  1. CAN-bus
  2. Expense control
  3. Level control
  4. Fuel cards

One of the most expensive parts of any enterprise, which has at its disposal vehicles, is the costs of fuel and lubricants (POL). Unfortunately, the high market price of POL contributes to the frequent theft in the workplace. It is quite difficult to keep track of the fact by standard way. The scheme may be involved several entities: the gas station worker, a mechanic at the company, the freight forwarder. Using high-precision level meters or fuel consumption significantly reduces the risk of theft and allows to stop such incidents.

The staff GPS device can be used for the control of fuel and you can receive the data consumption based on the average consumption and distance or to connect additional high-precision sensors:

Fuel Level Sensor (FLS) – measures the level of fuel in the tank (requires incut, calibration), does not measure the real-time flow.1
Fuel consumption sensor(FCS) – measures the actual fuel consumption, but the overflow from the tank is not fixed. There are several types of it: ffor connecting the fuel supply feedback and without
Ultrasonic fuel sensor (UFS) – measures the level of fuel in the tank (it doesn`t need incut), characterized by higher costs and the need for more frequent maintenance1

Connection to the CAN bus – helps to get and transmit of data on the level of fuel onboard equipment (no additional equipment purchase)


Ideal fuel control circuit does not exist. There are methods and techniques that complicate the process of exposure. However, the client receives the best possible protection with well-chosen additional equipment, as well as the qualitative performance of installation of the system components (sealing compounds, photographic images). If you have already a fuel control system from another supplier, but you are not satisfied by the quality of service or the accuracy of the data, the company LLC Skyriver is ready to spend free vehicles diagnostics and offer the option to optimize both qualitatively and financially.