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Skyriver GPS

Skyriver GPS system allows to provide the users of actual data on key indicators of tracking objects and their location in real-time. Also, it enables the formation of analytical reports of main and additional indicators. This system has the ability to work not only with stationary and portable GPS tracker, but also with software SkyRiver Android GPS, which can be installed on any device based on the Android operating system. The functionality of the system has the following features:
Displaying detailed information about the current state of the object, its on-line location:1
Construction of movement routes of objects  for a selected period of time (the period of data storage on the server for 3 months):2
Construction of indications of objects sensors. Sensor means: a graph of the charge device battery, the number of visible satellites, the power of signal the base station, it is recorded on / off  various settings in the mobile phonе: 3
Creating plans for routes of movement (visits to retail outlets), and control of their performance: 4
Creating reports on the quality of staff performance (photo reports, plan / actual map, etc.): 5
Construction monitoring and merchandising reports that allows to do a comprehensive analysis of your product's representation in comparison with competitors: 6
Bilateral exchange of messages with software Skyriver Android GPS: 7
Logging of the call log, which is implemented by subject with software Skyriver Android GPS:8