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GPS Monitoring

Software systems presented in this section: SkyFleet WEB SkyFleet Windows Skyriver GPS have the best functionality on the market. There is a possibility of integration with accounting systems. Any improvements are implemented operatively by own staff of programmers.
The result for the customer from reacting with Skyriver ® on the example of motor transport:
  • Comparative data reading from multiple sources, including CAN bus vehicle: speed, engine load, etc .;
  • Automatic verification of data from the fueling companies with refills from the system;
  • Integration with 1C accounting system, Sail, or any other;
  • Monitoring of motor operation after hours;
  • Safe driving control (speeding, rapid acceleration / deceleration, counter of violations, leaving / entering the zone);
  • Automatic verification of customer visits on the waybill or internal CRM;
  • Exchange tasks on a mobile phone Android with feedback to the central or Back-Office;
  • Obtaining driver optimal route based on the shortest distance;
  • Authorization of the driver through the Android phone;
  • Reconciliation upon visits to the refills transport of enterprise (place, date, time), followed by an analysis of deviations from the norm (average fuel consumption, mileage traveled by GPS);
  • Carrying out maintenance work in every regional center of Ukraine;
The company LLC Skyriver provides a full range of services for GPS monitoring, has its own staff of programmers and technical engineers. The total staff of more than 35 people. Skyriver GPS system, as well as SkyFleet has successfully implemented in more than 450 enterprises of Ukraine.